Community Promoting Foundation

The Community Promotion Foundation (“Foundation”) is a private Foundation licensed and registered in the Kingdom of Thailand in 2019. The founding directors consist of business leaders and academics interested in helping solve problems related to the Thai society in the area of health status, both physical and mental health.

The founders recognize the importance of improving health status in Thai society that has growing more problematic over the years, even before the worldwide emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. These health problems include higher incidences of diabetes, high blood cholesterol, kidney diseases, substance abuse, high blood pressure, cancer, stroke and depression & suicide. Therefore, the Foundation was established and is dedicated to reducing these problems in Thai society. 

The challenges involved are in helping everyone understand what is necessary to be and stay healthy, how to reduce risks to our health, and then in inspiring each of us to act to achieve a better quality of life through healthier lifestyles. Seminars and events that will offer advice and motivation by teachers, nutritionists, psychologists, physicians and even teen idols are the means the Foundation intends to employ to promote healthy lifestyles that will prevent and reduce poor health outcomes in Thai society. 

Poor health status has a devastating impact on Thai society. Early onset of morbidity and mortality impairs the quality of life of individuals, families and Thai society. It strains our healthcare system. Productivity, income levels, educational attainment also suffer diminishing the general welfare.

Fortunately, research in the areas of epidemiology, medicine and nutrition have discovered how to prevent and reduce current adverse trends in health status. We now know that “lifestyles”; that is, how we live each day has a significant impact on our health. Lifestyles include three key areas of daily living: (1) what we eat, (2) our activity level and (3) how we sleep and relax.

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